Thursday, June 26, 2008

Is there anybody..... out there?

I haven't forgotten about this thing just yet, it's just that I have just been busy lately so I haven't added any pictures. But the wait is now over. I am putting up a few from the last few months. As you can see by where the pics were taken, I have been doing a lot of driving lately. Good for Exxon/Mobil, not so good for my bottom line. Yeesh, it's getting ugly out there. But I am just trying to keep my head down and keep working as much as I can handle.

I am sure there are some amusing stories that I could put in here, but nothing comes to mind at this moment. I did get to shoot a little bit of the Celtics as they marched towards their world championship. That was fun, some good basketball. I also got to watch the celebration after the Celtics won first hand. That was a long night. Well thats all I can think of right now. Enjoy the photos and let me know what you think.

West Roxbury, Mass - Kite enthusiast Bill (last name not given) holds up his totem warrior kite while trying to get it airborne during the Boston Kite Festival at Millennium Park on Saturday June 7, 2008.

Randolph, Mass. - Graduating senior of Media Communications Technology High Moravia Mascary (L) has a seat while waiting for the graduation ceremony to begin as classmate Shekinah James (R) readies herself at Lantana Function Hall in Randolph on Friday June 6, 2008

LOWELL, MA - June 14, 2008: Boston College High School player Cody Morgan warms up in the on deck circle during the Division 1 State Championship game against Westfield at LeLacheur Park.

Downtown Boston is reflected in the Larry O'Brien championship trophy as it is hoisted by Boston Celtics player Kevin Garnett during a parade with the rest of the World Champion Celtics team through downtown Boston, Massachusetts on June 19, 2008.

Amilcar Guevara, 13 of Chelsea pops his head out of the water while swimming at the newly opened Vietnam Veterans Memorial Pool on June 20, 2008.