Friday, August 31, 2012

RNC in Tampa Catching Up

Finally have a little downtime to put up a few images from this week.  Spent the week in Tampa for the Republican National Convention working for UPI.  It was a lot of work but really fun.  Made a lot of pictures and worked with a great team.  Here are a few from the first day and a half or so.  Oh and be sure to follow me on twitter @matthealeyphoto and instagram @matthfoto  and check back here for more updates.

Delegate from Pennsylvania at RNC welcome party.  Copyright 2012 UPI

Guest of alternate delegate from Louisiana at RNC Welcome Party in Tampa.  Copyright 2012 UPI

Rally and protest against the RNC in Tampa.  Copyright 2012 UPI

Workers on lunch break watching the protesters opposed to the RNC march through the streets of Tampa.  Copyright 2012 UPI

Code Pink protester with a hand puppet during March Against RNC in Tampa.  Copyright 2012 Matthew Healey

Opening prayer of the RNC in Tampa.  Copyright 2012 UPI

Waiting, lots of waiting.  RNC Tampa.