Monday, February 25, 2013

Work in progress

I've been laid up recovering from some surgery for the past three plus weeks and I have been a lazy photographer and haven't shot so much as an instagram photo. Actually that's not true, I did take a few photos of my cats with my pad. I am embarrassed to admit that I have even used my ipad camera but at least it was for cat photos.

I wanted to share two frames from an ongoing series that I started last year. In short the idea is to focus on 'thrift culture'. People that buy and sell used items and all that it entails. My focus so far has been on a few proprietors of junk shops or in one case a junk yard. They usually sell older items, maybe considered antique but if they are antique they have not aged well. Really fun to look around in.

This is Barbara.

She has been getting by selling stuff from her south coast "junky-junk" shop for over twenty years now. Don't let her nickname for the shop fool you, the place has some awesome stuff, you just have to look.  And she doesn't just deal in in antiques and decorative items.  She also buys and sells cars and anything else she can make some money on.


Meet Chuck.

His yard in Roxbury isn't open every day, usually just in the warmer weather.  He owns the land and plans on giving it to his son so that he can either sell it or develop it.  In the meantime he sells furniture, appliances, and various other items from the land.  Fascinating guy who used to run a huge furniture store in the area.