Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bringing it back

I have spent countless hours lately taking the hundreds of DVD's I have of my old images and dumping said images onto a networked hard drive.  It's tedious, but it has been eye opening.  It has been interesting to watch my shooting evolve over the years.  I have dug up a lot of older images that I forgot about or that I just never got around to posting on the blog so I am going to share some of them on here.

Needham, MA: Rabbinical student Shmuel "Shmuly" Davidoff (L) helps Chaim Lipszyc with his clown costume during a Purim celebration held by the The Chabad Jewish Center at the Village Club on Sunday February 28, 2010.  Photo by Matthew Healey

NOTE - That kid in the background, who's name I didn't catch, was running in circles at absolute full speed.  It was awesome.  I think sugar was involved.

Needham, MA: Sorry don't have names for this one.  It was taken at a holiday celebration on the Needham town common.  These kids were looking into this gated flood light that had a weird green tinge to it.  If I was one of those kids then I would have been dropping bugs onto the light to see what happens.  Photo by Matthew Healey.

Watertown, MA: Ruby Baboian (R) gets choked up after seeing the Waltham American Legion Band stop to play in front of her house as friends Mary Alemian (C) and Anahid Tumberian applaud during the Memorial Day Parade along Mount Auburn Street on Monday May, 25 2009.  Baboian's husband Jacob (not pictured) used to play in the band but he is physically no longer able to and was inside the house.  Photo by Matthew Healey

Just a sweet moment that I totally happened upon.  These three women were really excited about the parade and well I loved Anahid's choice of head wear.  But the story was about the band.

Thanks for looking and as always comments and critiques are welcome.  Oh and if anyone out there reading this has any good suggestions on photo database management software that is affordable (read: free) then let me know.  PhotoMechanic is wonderful but too slow when working off of a server.  I have toyed around with Picassa from google but it doesn't play well with networked drives either.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Grab Shot

As in, grab the camera and take a shot cause that plane is going to pass by in a second and that light is really cool.  This while I was heading into a store to pick up my dinner while working in Boston.

It's been a pretty miserable winter here in New England.  Almost every outdoor assignment is accompanied by winter light.  Flat.  Dull.  Gray.  So I got excited when I noticed the buildings of the South End lighting up with the warm glow of that magic hour light.  Here is hoping it is a sign of more to come.  I am getting a hankering for some lens flare.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ongoing. Cape Cod living.

Just a single from an ongoing and still evolving series that I started working on in February about a different side of Cape Cod.

Feburary 8, 2011: At the Cavalier on Route 28

More to come in the near future I hope so keep checking in.  Thanks and comments are always welcome.

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Look

I just did a quick redesign of the old blog and thought now that I did all this work I should post something.  Take a look and let me know if it works for you.  

So here is a photo from a news story I worked on for The Boston Herald. A reporter and I had to follow up on a stabbing that happened the night before in a housing project in Boston. This woman was neighbors with the victim and the suspect and heard the whole thing through her walls.

Boston, MA - Guerlande Merisier gestures towards the apartment of Cherry Clinton on February 26, 2010.  Clinton has been charged with the stabbing death of an unnamed victim in her apartment the night before.   Photo by Matthew Healey

I am also working on a project and hope to have a few select photos up here and on my website in the next few weeks.  I will keep you posted.  And be sure to check my site http://www.matthealey.com for my full portfolio and contact information.