Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Occupy Boston - still here

The occupation aspect of it is over, for now. The camp is long gone, Dewey Square is no longer a big mud patch.  The green space was re-sodded within 48 hours of the Occupy Camp being cleared.    But the movement still exists.  Maybe not as well centered as it was when it had a camp but they are still out there. 

I found myself covering a small march a few weeks back.  Word was that there would be action this time, but no one was saying what that action was.  The march was a reaction to the MBTA's fare increases and cuts in service which would have a fairly big affect on the community that the transit system services.    Overall the march went pretty smoothly.  They did march in the road, causing minor traffic delays but the Boston Police let them continue peacefully.  There numbers were fairly low but they did pick up some sympathizers along the way.  The action as it turned out was when they all entered the Park Street MBTA station and hopped the turn-style.  A direct protest of the MBTA changes.  

Here are a few pictures I made along the way.

Monday, June 4, 2012

For Sale

This is just one from a nearby lot that was just scraped.  I grew up in a more densely populated area so there weren't really large tracts of undeveloped land, or much open land at all aside from parks.  But I have always been fascinated with newer developed areas.  Moving to an area that is still expanding has been interesting.  Tree's are cut, land is scraped and building starts.  The stores and neighborhoods just pushing up against pine forests.  Whatever, it's just a photo of a sign.