Thursday, July 12, 2007 the Billie Holiday song, not the Jazzy Jeff song

Just a little update from here and there. It's getting late, and I am getting hungry, waiting for Christine to come home so we can eat dinner together, should be around 10pm or so. Ah fun. Been pretty busy the past few weeks and wanted to throw some photos up of some of the work I have made.

Wellesley, Mass - June 26, 2007 - A child swims past the head lifeguard at Morses Pond during a beginners swimming lesson.

Yeah I lost her name, and the lifeguards name. Sorry. She was really funny though, she kept just floating around as the guard was trying to instruct the others. Real waterbug. Yes my lens got wet, and so did the jeans I was wearing. Thankfully I had more pants in my car. Always bring more pants with you!

Newton, Mass - Sam Raby, 12, of Newton Corner, plays the 'Water Game' that was set up on Albemarle Field as part of the Independence Day festivities on Wednesday July 4, 2007.

Not sure why but I really dig that shot above. I just like that he completely ignored me and focused on the game. It also looks like he is looking up at the prizes. Carnivals rule.

PLYMOUTH, MASS.. - June 2, 2007: Plymouth South graduating senior Hillary Rooslet, left, chats with her girlfriend on the phone before lining up for the start of the Plymouth South High School Graduation Ceremony at Memorial Hall.

Just a bit of color amongst the black robes. Actually all the girls had blue on. Shot on a day of back to back high school graduations, held in the same hall. Ugh. Oh and I checked and she confirmed that she was talking to her girlfriend, and yes she said it was okay to print that, I checked the online edition of the photo and her girlfriend had been changed to 'friend'. We are in Massachusetts right? Whatever.

Watertown, Mass. - Members of the Watertown Reds baseball team watch the game from the dugout during a matchup against the Mooney Dental Tanners on Wednesday June 20, 2007 at Victory Field

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