Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Well nothing really new here. Have today off and have a little down time so here are some pictures from the past couple weeks.

I did have a story up here, but I realized it sounded whiny so it is gone. Summary, guy upset I was taking his photo, wouldn't let me explain, he walked away in a huff blah blah blah. Just another Sunday afternoon.

Tom "TD" Dougherty serves up a pint while tending bar at the Corrib Pub on Thursday February 28, 2008 during a fundraiser for West Roxbury Main Streets.

The Prudential Tower which was sporting a new blue light color scheme looms over the Massachusetts Turnpike on Wednesday March 5, 2008
I put this one in here cause it's all artsy and moody and stuff. And because I used to love taking shots like this before I was getting paid to do it, and now, I am getting paid to do it. Good stuff.

BOURNE, MA - March 6, 2008: Pembroke senior Nick Healey (R) watches the action while classmate Jim Hutchinson (L) cheers as their hockey team plays against Scituate in the Division 3 South semi final game at Gallo Arena.

Itai Stein, left, of Sharon sorts peanut butter by the date at the Jewish Family and Children's Services 'Family Table' food pantry on Sunday March 9, 2008.

Veronika Shulman (R) playing the part of 'Little Red Ridinghood' and string bass player Philip Dirske both rehearse for the Franklin Olin Players performance of Into the Woods on Thursday February 28, 2008 at Babson College.

George Parelli takes a phone call from former Pleasant Cafe waitress Charlotte Welch while at his retirement party at the Cafe on Washington Street on Sunday February 17, 2008. George worked at the Pleasant Cafe for seventy years.


Anonymous said...


I came accross this website in a moment of "what ever happened to...?" I must say this isn't what I expected, but it is very cool you are doing what you like for a living. Keep up the good work.

S. Dargan

Matt H said...

Dargan! How the hell are you? Anyway,thanks for the note.

dargan said...

Yeah, long time no talk. My brother actually lives on the East Side of Providence. I'll shoot you an e-mail if I ever visit. Maybe I'll come up for that demolition derby in looks pretty awesome.

Matt H said...

I guess Providence is the place to be. Sounds cool, I think you can email me through here. And yes, it is so awesome.