Monday, April 28, 2008

Send in......the clowns.....

I have been meaning to put this first pic up here for awhile. This one was from a fundraiser pancake breakfast in one of the towns I work in frequently. The moment I walked in to what was a pretty busy pancake breakfast my eye is drawn to a clown just hanging out 'backstage' (actually just in a little nook off to the side in the cafeteria). Window light streaming in from the side. Fantastic. I start working it, get some okay pics. Go take a look around, get some people handing out some nice looking breakfast food. Go back and there is a different clown in the same spot. This one is drinking some coffee watching an older gentleman doing magic tricks for the kids. Start working it again. The result is below. They actually ran this pic too, which just made me oh so happy. Not only that but it was posted on the bulletin board at the office as the photo of the week. So I am not alone in my love for lonely clowns.

Actually all but the last photo are for the same group of papers. The second photo was from a neat story about a group of special needs students who attended an enhanced version of the Big Apple Circus.

Third photo was a story about parents building an outdoor skating rink on a basketball court this past winter.

Fourth photo was a health fair. Just nice light.

Last photo, I forget where that was. I kid, I kid. That was Fenway last week. Nice light.

Hope you enjoy, feel free to drop me a comment.

Richard Rausch (R) AKA 'Doo Dad' the Aleppo Clown takes a break from performing and Bill Landan of the Rotary Club in Brookline perform magic tricks during the Pancake Breakfast at Brookline High School on Saturday April 5, 2008.

Mark Riley signs an interpretation for the speaking portions of the Big Apple Circus during a special performance called Circus of the Senses held in Boston on City Hall Plaza on Thursday April 3, 2008. The performance offered a chance for children with sensory impairments from across Boston to enjoy the show.

Volunteer Dan Kaseta carries a bag of sand that is used to shore up the boards of the outdoor skating rink that he and others built on the basketball courts next to the Wellesley Recreation center on Saturday January 12, 2008.

Massage therapist Joan E. Howard (R) gives a massage to Katie Reed Executive Director of Allston Village Main Streets during Wellness Resolution a fundraiser for the Accelerated Cure Project for multiple sclerosis on Sunday January 13, 2008 at Rock City Body in Allston.

Boston Red Sox pitcher Clay Bucholz warms up before the game against the Texas Rangers on Saturday April 19, 2008 at Fenway Park.


Trevor Piecham said...

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hahahaa...I never knew spam could hit comments on blogs.

anyways, nice shots. My new desktop background is Buckholtz in front of the monster. That is a freakin sweet photo. You should sell that at malls.

Matt H said...

Ah, very much I like go to the mall. Shopping fun time! We can shop at mall give hug! Numbers 1!!!!!!

Thanks, glad you dig. Too bad I can't sell them, the Red Sox don't allow that.