Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Summer is winding down..

....that means traffic jams on the local roads from 2:30 onward because of school...but on the plus side, I no longer have to pay for parking at some of the surf spots I go to. I think the latter makes up for it.

So here are some pics from the past few weeks.

First one is from a fundraiser concert featuring Buddy Guy and George Thorogood amongst others.

Second one is a Red Sox game last week. Don't see Big Papi sliding too often. This was on a double that he hit.

Third one is from a pro soccer match. I was sent to cover Beckham but also get game action. I have never shot professional soccer and I have to say, it was pretty fun. Good action, and surprisingly A LOT of contact. They don't allow too much of that in the high school soccer games I have covered so it certainly added a nice element.

Lastly a feature photo from Boston shot on Labor Day. I have talked about feature photos before. They are when you are tasked with going out and finding something on your own. In this case I was asked to get something that said warm weather and a day off. I already got a shot of someone doing something outside with their shirt off but wanted to shoot some more. So I drove around and passed the North End in Boston. The North End is known as the Italian section of the city, and it still is but like everywhere it is also becoming more and more gentrified. Anyway, I noticed a sign for a feast that was going on, so I found a parking space and started looking for it. This was one of the smaller feasts in honor of Saint Lucia. Just two groups roving around the narrow streets, one of them an Italian brass band, and the other a band and a group carrying around a statue of Saint Lucy. The residents come out and attatch money to the statue as it is marched around. It is essentially a way to raise funds for charity/organizations (I believe). Anyway, I struck out for most of my attempts at capturing the event, then I saw this woman hanging out of her window, so I started chatting with her and managed to get the photo below. She was really sweet, and I was happy to have made a decent photo.

Fans cheer as George Thorogood takes the stage at the Bank of America Pavilion in Boston, Massachusetts on August 17, 2008.

Boston Red Sox's David Ortiz (34), right, slides into second base past Chicago White Sox shortstop Orlando Cabrera (18) on a double in the fifth inning at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts on August 29, 2008.

Los Angeles Galaxy defender Greg Vanney (L) goes up for a header with New England Revolution defender Pat Phelan in the first half of the game on August 30, 2008 at Gillette Stadium.

Life long North End resident Anna Onessimo and her dog 'Tizzy' look out the window of her Margaret Street home after the Saint Lucia statue passed by for the Feast of Saint Lucia on September1, 2008.

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