Sunday, June 28, 2009


Came across this um 'art installation' when I was making my coffee run this morning. Went home, drank a half gallon of coffee and decided I need to walk around the corner and and shoot it before it gets thrown out. Timed it right as a gentleman who told me his name was Pena, was out cleaning up the sidewalk in front of the apartment building he lives in. Talked to some folks at the bus stop and they didn't know who put it there but think it was some local drunks. Most folks weren't too pleased with the concept. Which I can understand.


Trevor Piecham said...

Nice photo! How do you post your images so big. When I post images they are half that size.

Matt H said...

You have to edit it in html. Choose large size and then in the html it will show you the pixel height and width. Just double it. Then find where it says s400 somewhere in the code and change it to s800. That should work.

Trevor Piecham said...

sweet, thanks!