Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Football season

The football season is well underway and I am behind on this blog so have a football photo.  I will try and be better about my updates.

New England Patriots running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis (42) sails through the air with teammate wide reciver Wes Welker as Green-Ellis is tackled by Buffalo Bills safety Jairus Byrd on a carry in the second quarter at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts on September 26, 2010.  The Patriots defeated the Bills 38-30.    UPI/Matthew Healey


Jim Walker said...

Nice frozen moment with everybody in the air. Serious question for you. If you're the only photographer at a game for UPI, how do you decide what to shoot? There's just so much going on at a game and your angles to shoot are so limited that I would probably be overtaken by photo paralysis and end up with nothing at the end of the game. Know what I'm saying?

Matthew Healey said...

If I don't have a picture of it, then it didn't happen Jim. .

No, I kid. I just get as much as I can and try and get something that tells the story of the game by the end. First half I just move a pic of each QB and maybe a touchdown pic if there is one. End of game, any jube or dejection, the coaches, then more general action and of course the cheerleaders. I know I can't get a shot of every play and there just isn't anything I can do about that.

Jim Walker said...

Do you run out at the end of the game to get the coaches shaking hands at the the 50? They always show that moment on TV and the swarm of still photographers trying to get it. Seems like a silly, melodramatic thing to shoot.

Matthew Healey said...

Sometimes, but its a crapshoot. Belichick isn't one for long drawn out handshakes so its like a half second thing usually. Sometimes better to just find Brady.