Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Congrats grads

I normally shoot a lot of high school graduations come late spring, but this year I only had one.  As a general rule, for me at least, the best images are at the beginning and the end.  The middle, when they ask way too many people to speak for way too long is usually not really worth shooting.  People are just sitting there, baking in the sun as the speaker promises to be quick and 15 minutes later is still thanking the school board members and then prepares to make their actual speech (Oh! The Places You'll Go anyone?).

Okay I admit it, I have never been one to enjoy graduations.  I never thought I would be going to them for work, but I've looked back at some of the previous HS graduations I have covered and they usually produce good emotional and interesting images.  Here are just a few from that last one.

Blog Photos - Images by Matthew Healey

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