Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Back in the day

I am in the process of adding some new content to my website to showcase my portraiture and more commercial style work.  So I have been digging through my archive of photos.  My lovely wife Christine, who is also a photographer offered to help, so we tackled the digital mountain of images together.  It was refreshing to have another person look through photos that I have stared at for hours and hours.  She came at them with a new fresh eye which gave me a fresh appreciation to photos that I had grown tired of looking at.

One of the photos is posted below.  I remember the assignment, I was asked to photograph a small tight knit neighborhood located in Brookline Village.  It was effectively a group photo of some of the neighbors.  But I was just starting out as a photographer and always wanted to go above and beyond on an assignment (still do!).  I took a few photos of the handful of neighbors that had gathered for the story and then went and hung out on the quiet street with them for a little while.  I attempted a series of portraits against one of the remaining brick row type homes that lined the street.  First up was a woman who was walking home from grocery shopping.  She was a little shy in front of the camera but I think it worked. 

Brookline, MA - October, 2005: Street portrait.

*****UPDATE**** There was a cat too!

Just found another photo from the same take.  Sorry there is no name but that was scrubbed when I re-saved the photos years ago. 

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