Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Meek Mill - MMG Tour for The Fader

Back in November I got a call from The Fader to shoot the Providence stop of the Maybach Music Tour featuring Meek Mill, Rick Rose, Machine Gun Kelly and Wale.  I generally try to keep up with new music but I have to admit these artists were all off my radar.

So after I was done googling them all I drove to The Dunk (Dunkin Donuts Center) and got my credential. Normally at a larger show and venue the photographers are given only the first three songs of each act to photograph. It's frustrating but it's how almost all the shows work. This was different, I was given full access. It was refreshing to be able to shoot as much as I wanted and not worry about being escorted out of the building. I had fun and wanted to finally shore the photos. Hope you enjoy.

Meek Mill - Images by Matthew Healey

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