Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tea Party

So I had some time off today and decided to check out the Tea Party in Providence.  Decent sized crowd.  Anyway I am posting a bunch on my photoshelter account, here is one and this is the link to the full gallery:Providence Tea Party

Harvey Sylvestre of Providence, Rhode Island cheers on a speaker during a Tea Party Rally in front of the Rhode Island State House in Providence, Rhode Island on April 15. 2010.  Photo by Matthew Healey


corticoWhat said...

Great shots! The "Baggers" are a little lacking in contrast. (Not photographically speaking).

Matt H said...

Thanks! Not a very diverse crowd by any means but they were all very friendly and I didn't see any signs or hear any comments that were over the top. I am a bit leery of them considering some of the reported incidents of racism but based on my personal interactions they have all been cordial and are just another fired up political group.