Monday, April 5, 2010

My Easter

I did a 9-5 shift for the Boston Herald on Easter Sunday and it was a pretty full day. Started with Catholic Easter Mass en espanol, then on to a shooting scene in Dorchester that got a little heated, then a call on the scanner of a three alarm fire in Malden. Got home ate a burrito and then onto a Wilco concert in Providence with Christine (sadly no pics of that).

(040410 Boston, MA) Altar server at Holy Cross Cathedral, Iris Uribe, holds up a candle during Spanish language Easter Sunday Mass. Photo by Matthew Healey

(040410 Boston, MA) A mourner holds her head while sitting on the curb in front of a sidewalk memorial marking the spot on Navillus Terrace where a man was shot dead by police the previous night. Photo by Matthew Healey

(040410 Malden, MA) Two fire fighters battle a three-alarm blaze on Cross Street in Malden . Photo by Matthew Healey

I have also just recently begun to build a web-based archive with the help of photoshelter. Be sure to check it out here: and as always feel free to check out my website at I am always open to comments and critiques so let me know what you think.


NP36 said...

Happy Easter Matt! Nice work

Matt H said...

Thanks Justin. Happy Easter to you too.