Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tea for two hundred

I just looked back at the last few days and I have covered a lot of ground.  Some portraits, a Tea Party rally, two Red Sox games and some quality time at a local McDonald's.  I wanted to share some images I made at the Tea Party rally with you all.

It was held on Friday April, 15 2011.  A day that is, traditionally, the tax filing deadline set by the IRS.  That deadline was postponed a few days because of a holiday in Washington, D.C.. but the they went ahead with their rally on the 15th.  It was held on Boston Common and hosted by several local right wing radio hosts.

I anticipated a fairly decent crowd but when I arrived I only found 200 to 300 people.  The surprise of the rally was a group of pro union demonstrators that set up shop directly in front of the rotunda.  I mean literally in front of the speaker, front and center.  They had big signs and bullhorns and were there to be heard.  They were few but they were often louder than the speakers at Tea Party rally.  The police stepped in to make sure no one got out of hand and to create a line between the Tea Party rally folks and the protesters.  It made for some good photos.

Have a look and let me know what you think.  Oh and I am on Twitter now:  @matthealeyphoto or you can add me using the button below..

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