Monday, April 2, 2007

Palm Sunday

My day yesterday.

9 am Palm Sunday Procession into Davis Square in Somerville featuring a 'real live donkey'.
Surprisingly, pretty much just what it sounds like. Members of the five or six churches on college ave all come together and lead a little procession down the avenue and hand out palm fronds. Nice people. Photo wise, a bit rough because they kept passing from shadow to bright sun back to shadow. Lots of backpeddaling. I manged to only bump into one car, but did end up dropping my most expensive lens on the concrete. Thankfully the lens hood was on and it landed on that first and then came to a rest.
Gary Nettleton leads a Palm Sunday procession down College ave
with Chester the donkey in tow.

12 pm Newton 'Support Our Troops' rally held in response to the previous weekends peace vigil.
Also pretty much what it sounds like. The father of a marine who is currently stationed in Iraq wanted to hold a rally in response to the peace vigil the previous week that marked the 4th year of the Iraq war. About a dozen or so friends and family members came out and held signs and waved at cars on Comm Ave in the Nonantum village of Newton. Lots of people beeping in support of them, but also a few folks flipping them off or giving them the thumbs down. I met a grandmother who had a grandson (technically her son because she adopted him) in Iraq. She was away from the rest of the group in her car which was parked on the grass next to the road. She placed a large portrait of her son on the hood of the car.

Mary Clossey, biological grandmother, and adoptive mother of Marine Lance Corporal
Sean Clossey, sits in her car on Commonwealth Ave with a portrait of
Sean on the hood of her car during a 'Support Our Troops Rally'.
Sean has been stationed in Iraq for 74 days.

7 pm Stand up comedy fundraiser in Dedham featuring some stand up comedians of some sort.
The highlight. The older (elderly) couple that I was chatting with while waiting for over an hour for the comedy act to start. For some reason people either love to talk to me when I have my camera out or they avoid me like the plague. This couple was happy to talk to me and I was happy to oblige. Mainly small talk but as I was walking away from them to get a seat in the theatre the man reached his hand out for a handshake. I shook back, then he pulled me in close so I could hear him and he said ....

'Stay vertical, 'cause everything else is incidental.'


Anne Quinlan, left, and Fred Bogan of West Roxbury wait in the
lobby of the Dedham Community Theatre for the comedy acts to begin.

***The above photos are outtakes because I dont think I am supposed to post my winners until they are published. Thats how it will be from here on out, unless they are older pics.

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