Monday, April 9, 2007

Some of this some of that

Haven't felt much like posting on this thing lately but I am forcing myself to right now. Currently having a glass of wine, listening to some streaming reggae music and have The Wonder Years playing on the TV. There is some station called ION down here in the PVD that plays two episodes of the show a night at 10pm. Obviously the late time slot is to appeal to folks like me that grew up on the show.

Anyway been pretty busy with work lately which is good. Gonna put up a few shots that hopefully you will like. And if you don't, well I don't really care.

This first one is from an Asian Cultural Festival held at Wellesley College last week. Some nice visuals but I only had a little time to shoot.

Carl Dulay, left, senior at Boston College dances a traditional Korean Talchum dance at Wellesley
College on Friday March 30, 2007.

This next shot is from a fundraiser in Watertown for a displaced New Orleans musician named Al 'Carnival Time' Johnson famous for the Mardi Gras tune 'Carnival Time'. Great food, good people, and some good tunes.

Nancy Gates, left, and 'Zydeco' Bonnie Hale dance to the sounds of
New Orleans Musician Al 'Carnival Time' Johnson during a fundraiser for Johnson
on Sunday March 25, 2007 at the Unitarian Church.

These last two are not recent but I just found them on my computer. The first one is from the Seekonk Speedway last summer. Christine went there to photograph it for one of her papers and I couldn't pass up 'Hillbilly Racing'. I just like the look that that guy is giving me up in the corner. He eventually turned around. Nice people look at cars at Seekonk Speedway.

This last shot is from a soldiers' funeral. I went there thinking I may be able to send the pics to another paper. Christine was already shooting it and told me there wasn't anyone from certain papers and that I should cover it and try and move the photos. Not a fun thing by any means but part of the job. Turns out I wasn't needed, but I shot it just in case. When all was over this woman came up to me and told me to take her photo. Think she said she was part of the family and needed to get in the paper. She was lying, and I knew this. She was a person just loitering with her friends in the area where the funeral was being held in Providence. I took her photo.

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Josh said...

I happened upon this blogsite when I was on the intarweb and it really moved me. After I was done throwing up, I realized that it wasn't actully all that bad. Anyway, not sure what kind of folks will read this digital letter, but I certainly hope that I can plant in them the seeds of salvation.