Sunday, April 15, 2007

Stupid taxes

Instead of doing my taxes like a good boy I am going to post photos of our kitties. (Okay I am almost done with taxes but am stuck on one of the questions) Anyway, who doesnt like a good cat photo? I take a lot of photos of our cats. Well usually when I have a day off. I will just pull out the camera and follow one of the cats around. Its good practice and it amuses me. Also just a little pathetic. Anyway today I am featuring our cat Weegee.

This is Weegee. He is emo. He is basically angry all the time. But not the 'I am gonna claw your face off angry' its more like a teen angst angry, just a brooding moping type of angry, which of course makes it that much better. You see he gets even more angry when you point a camera at him, so I of course try and take pictures of him all the time.

Him in his box full of old newspapers. Trying to stare me down.

Thats all for now.

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