Friday, May 4, 2007

From the archives

Been pretty busy with work the past week or so. That makes me happy. Havent had time to post anything lately.

I was just archiving some photos onto dvd's and searched through some of my older shots that were never published. I am posting a couple of them here. Actually there are three shots, one was published now that I think of it (the kid with the book) but the others werent for newspapers so I have no caption info.

A couple dances under the lights at a wedding in November.
This was shot when I was working as a second shooter for a wedding. The guy I was working for was blasting away with the flash. I told him that the overhead lights were fantastic and that he should work them. He didnt. Although the pressure was on him to make the shots, cause it was his client not mine, so I can't blame him for taking the safe route and blasting the flash.

I'm so lonely.
Half time at a football game. This was inspired by a shot that Christine took. Wish the ref's werent behind her and that the shadow of the person to her left wasnt there, but whatever. I still like it.

I like books!
This is a shot from a spelling bee class at a library in Boston. Fifth graders that get tutoring for some spelling bee that takes place every year. No longer have this kids name.

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