Sunday, May 6, 2007

Since we last spoke

11:50 on Sunday night. And I am looking at photos, others and mine. Decided to update this thing. Since we last chatted I have shot six assignments, two per day. Here are some outtakes.

Friday - Two Assignments
1. High School Volleyball -West Roxbury
Catholic Memorial Senior Jeff Aucoin gets some serious air during a match against Brookline.

No ball in the shot, which is a no-no, almost always. Especially for volleyball. But I am putting this up here because this kid just looks like he is soaring.

2. Tribal Dance Class - West Roxbury
Women dance during a tribal dance class at the West Roxbury Community Center.

The dance thing started a little late so I went and sat with the women in the class. Mostly late 40's and up. One woman jokingly said 'Just don't laugh at us.' I told her I would never do that, and that I think any different way to get people up and moving is fantastic in my book. Treadmills and stationary bikes bore me. Which is why I usually do nothing at all. Anyway the women at this thing were a bit leery of me and my camera once the class started. The above photo was from when the class just kicked off. A few minutes later I moved to the corner and tried to to work that patch of light in the back there. After losing myself in that light for awhile I eventually looked up and noticed the entire class had moved to the other side of the gym, away from me. Eh, such is life.

Saturday - Two Assignments
1. Teen Center Open House - BraintreeKris Federico fills out a membership form for the Braintree Teen Center for her children during an open house.

The editor actually requested photos of parents hanging out on couches. It was a little nerve wracking because they told me they are running an entire package of photos for this assignment (5 shots). I got there at 6 when it was supposed to start. Sat in my car for 15 minutes and no one walked into the open house. Decided to walk in myself, and finally people trickled in. Notice how empty the right half of the frame is. Was trying to make a point with this one. Think only 5 or 6 families showed up in the hour that I was there.

2. Fundraising Party - Milton
Paul Freman, left, rolls the dice while Brendan Glynn, looks on during a Casino Royale fundraiser at the Forbes House and Museum.

Ah party pages. Anyone that knows me knows how much I love surfing. But few of my friends know just how much I love schmoozing. It's true. Beneath this taciturn exterior of mine is a small talking, business card exchanging, corny joke telling machine! Okay, I lied. I don't like to schmooze. But as far as these people at these parties are concerned I am just one of them. Well except for the jeans, sneakers, and shirt with the stain on the front (seriously). The parties used to be stressful for me. Grouping people together and having them look at you and smile is so contrary to the day in day out photojournalism work. But that was then. Now I can bang out 10 group shots in as many minutes and be on my way home. If I am getting paid by the photo, thats a good chunk of change. The above party called for more than just group shots. They wanted something a bit different. People actually partying. So I tried, but also sent in 5 group shots.

Sunday - Two Assignments

1. Boy Scout Pancake Breakfast - West RoxburyFirst photo of the day. The job was to shoot these two brothers that are both eagle scouts. You can figure out what that looks like. Actually only have two photos of them and they are both going to run in the paper, and I didnt want to put them up here yet.

2. May Fair - Cambridge
Beth McGurr of Boston works on some chalk art on Church Street at the Harvard Square May Fair.

Well it is now 1:11 AM and I am going to go to bed.

Two more jobs tomorrow (today) far.

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