Thursday, May 24, 2007

I have a day off

I am posting today because I have today off. I am going to write about life as a freelance photographer.

Last week I hardly had any work. Not by choice. It's almost never by choice. It doesn't get any easier, after doing this for almost two years full time. If I don't get a call in a span of three weekdays, then I get nervous. I start thinking to myself "What did I do wrong? Did a subject complain about me? Did my photos suck? Did the editor get pissed at me for (insert insane reasoning here)?" This is normal, but makes life stressful.

There are all sorts of things, like any job, that you just never really thought about when viewing the job from the outside. I am still learning a lot of them.

For example etiquette in groups. At bigger media events there are going to be lots of photographers around you. It is your job to get the shot, and stay out of everyone elses' shot. That's all well and good, but how do you get something different if everyone is packed together chasing the same shot? Do you take the chance of breaking away from the pack and not getting "THE" shot that every other newspaper and wire will get? Or do you stay safe and stay with the pack? Well if you do stray from the pack you had better stay the hell out of everyone elses' frame because you will hear it if you don't.

The pack mentality can happen anywhere. Even smaller local events that are being covered by two photographers. I know I am not the only one that has run into another photographer on an assignment and had them shadow me. I am guilty of doing some shadowing myself, which is another story for another time. Its all about not wanting to be shown up, and not wanting to miss "The" shot.

Well I just realized that I am not really going anywhere with this diatribe, so now I will post pictures. Enjoy.Tenor Sue Goldman, of Newton, rehearses with the Zamir Chorale on Tusday May 8, 2007 at Hebrew College.

Junior at Walpole High Dan Horgan, right, poses for a prom photo with his date Kat Cullen during the Walpole High School Prom at Christina's in Foxboro.

People dressed as zombies yell out a cry for 'brains' at the start of the Boston Zombie March in Davis Square in Somerville, Mass. on Saturday May 12, 2007.

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