Saturday, May 15, 2010

Celtics Practice

I realize I tend to be a bit sports heavy on my blog.  Not sure why that is but here is yet another sports pic, of sorts.   It is from a Celtics practice the day after a loss against Cleveland.  There isn't usually much action at a practice.  The team practices for awhile while the press waits in what is essentially a waiting room with no view of the practice court.  When the team is done with real practice they let the media in.  There are sometimes a few players still shooting maybe playing 'HORSE' or whatever.  But it's not really practice.  Then the players and coaches come over and do their interviews or sometimes they don't.  It really varies.

Here is one pic I liked.  Not sure if it ran.

(050810  Waltham, MA) Boston Celtics Ray Allen chats with reporters after practice at the Sports Authority Training Center.  Photo by Matthew Healey

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corticoWhat said...

I picked Orlando and the Spurs. Shows you what I know.