Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What's in there?

Just came across this photo from last summer.  For my non photographer friends this scene is fairly common at certain events.  We usually refer to a situation like this as a 'scrum'.  As in a rugby scrum when the two teams link arms and charge at each other and fight for the ball.  But instead of a ball, it is a photo subject.

What makes it unusual however is just how orderly it is.  That's because it is held at a place that normally hosts a lot of media, so they do their best to accommodate.  No battling to talk to the subject, the subject comes to a few of them then everyone else files around.  The venue even supplies extra step ladders which is great.

A scrum, but not really.  More like a swarm.

Still reading?  Curious to know who they are talking to?

Find out by clicking right here.

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