Saturday, January 17, 2009

Inauguration trip - January 17, 2009

So we are in D.C. and have hit the ground running. Or walking really slowly cause I am carrying too much stuff. At any rate, most of my day today was spent working for Suffolk University. They have a bunch of students in town for a symposium that started seven days ago. Today a group of them were headed out to the Newseum so it was my job to tag along with them and document their day. It was pretty cool, a great museum, some very involved government students, some cool pics.

After that I met up with Dave and Meghann and made some more photos. Going to post one up here right now. The full gallery should be up at Media Soup soon enough, once that goes live I will edit this post with a link there. But for now have a look at the President Elect mister Barack Obama (in cardboard cutout form).

Washington, D.C. - January 17, 2009: Nimi Dvir of Silver Spring, MD carries a life sized cardboard cut-out of President Elect Barack Obama on the corner of 14th Street and Constitution Ave. Dvir along with a friend were out offering photos with the cut-out to passer by's for two dollars.

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