Sunday, January 25, 2009

I've got a brand new pair of (hockey) skates...

012409 - Montreal, QC - The NHL Western Conference All-Stars line up at the start of the 2009 NHL SuperSkills competition at the Bell Center.

Drove up to Montreal yesterday to cover the NHL All-Star weekend. As I was driving I watched the outside temp reading on my car go from downright tropical 38F in Providence to a balmy -1F at the Canada border. Glad I came prepared.

Anyway last night was the NHL Skills competition. They test the skills of the best in the league starting with speed, breakaways, first year vs second year mini game, shot accuracy, shot speed, and then the final elimination shoot out. It went alright. My shooting locations were pretty limited but I made the most of what I had. Now that I have a better idea of the layout of the rink I think I will have it pretty well dialed tonight. I have two spots to work with, one of which is in a luxury suite, so I can just sit there and file as I am shooting. The other is against the glass, which gives a different angle, which is good, but it's not in the corner, which is bad. I'll make it work though.

Thats all I have for now.

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CHOCH said...

You've got a brand new key!