Friday, January 16, 2009


So I am heading to the Obama Inauguration with some fellow journalists. Partly to work and partly to just have a chance to document a fairly historic event, okay, really historic event. I left Providence at around 2:30PM on Thursday and arrived in Philly, our first stop at around 8PM. I am driving (being driven) by friend/mentor David Gordon and fellow journalist Meghann Ackerman.

We have been trying to talk to people on the way down about the Inauguration and have had some decent luck. Putting up a photo right now of Dave and Meghann (above) holding the camera, along with Colleen McEnttee (sorry if I got that wrong my notes are messy) who worked at the bar we stopped at. Colleen, who works with immigrants hopes that Obama will be able to bring about immigration reform.

Okay not much, but it's something. The three of us plus hopefully Christine and her friend Kim along with at least one other hope to post to a new entity launched/created by Dave called Media Soup. The website when it launches in the next day or two will be It will include written stories, video, photos and sound of people involved in the Obama Inauguration. So keep posted here or at the new address for more updates.

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